We are blessed to be living in an exhilarating era. Technology and its titans are single handedly shifting the tectonic plates of century old norms. With each passing day, we are no longer restrained to a single choice. We are encouraged to challenge the status quo. Deep down, we all yearn the essential need to be uncommon amongst a sea of average. Deep down we humans have an intrinsic need to be different, to be creative.

The world of commerce is and will always be ever evolving. But in our time, there is something brewing beyond economic waves. Something electrifying that is not only changing business models across industries, but forcing a sui generis way of leading organizations. A new way of thinking and conduct which cannot be reverted to old norms. A new way of connecting the dots, no longer in sequence but in an interconnected yet logical method. Gone are the days where entities exist in the tranquillity of market capital. For if they lay unexpressed in the endeavor to push their organizations and most importantly, the world forward, they will be abandoned. Lapsed in the race to push forward humanity, terminated by the very hands and capital that built them.

The Dilemma - Shadow of Ego

The same could be said about us. Those of us who are aware in the current state of our being. Aware in the choices we make in every moment, and aware in the message of comfort or discomfort we as humans feel in the heart. When we lay still, unmoved and dispassionate in our current state, we suppress and irritate the very nature of what makes us, us. This kind of suppression scars our intuitional need, to invigorate our life through the genius of innovation.

We are meant to be creative. Every human being has a gift to offer the world and intrinsically, we are gravitated towards our true calling. The dilemma in our hectic world is that busy schedules make us feel effective, but rather masking how effective we are in achieving our personal goals and calling.

In a loud world where too many things require our focus and attention at once, we lose touch with the true harmony of our existence. The music of creativity we once had in our childhood, distorts into a torturous tone. Today, we are bombarded with the blitz of distraction in every waking moment. Distractions that feed the ego. The cloaking ego, which acts as a body of sharp rocks positioned to sink our internal reference point at dark times. For when our internal reference point or self image becomes the ego - we seek the approval and acceptance of others. Drifting further and further away from our spirit, our true self and our real identity. The ego lives in the fear of its own shadow. It is the accumulation of our fears and self-destructive energy. In simple terms, the ego is our social mask. It is the role set forth by our own confines. The role we are asked to play, rather than one that seeks evolution, progression and creativity.

The ego is a primitive instinct. In the light, its shadows transform into pseudo figures of shame, guilt, and fear. It is only when we bring awareness in the presence of the shadow that we become the catalyst to it evolution. Attention in the current state with intent to morph the energy of the ego into creativity output, ruptures the restraints of our past conditioning. When we become aware in who we are, we become less judgmental of not only ourselves, but others. This liberates a vast amount of energy. Energy that in the past was used to feed the forever starved ego, which now can be channeled towards transformation of the self. Transformation of our dreams into physical form, through knowing who we are. When the internal reference point stems from the blossoms of our spirit - our true self - we no longer become constrained by obstacles. Obstacles which more than 90% are, imaginary.

It Takes Only One

Billions of us inhabit one earth. And metamorphosis of all we know the earth to be, takes only one mind. One to threat the conventional, one to proclaim objection to the status quo. Many before our time have done it. Many in our time are doing it. Will you stay tranquil in comfort of the familiar, or will you step into the unknown, and surrender to the creative mind that you have been gifted with. A mind that has the instinct to conduct the orchestra of our world and the universe.

There are 24 hours in one day, how many of those do you invest in yourself, your creativity and what makes you happy.

The dream for me is erasing the line between work and life. Where life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of serving other humans using my creativity.