What do you love most about photography?

Where do I start?! Personally its always been the underlying journey of composing an image. Most people see an image and overlook the planning, time, and energy it took into creating those moments. A photographer or artist has to expend energy and soul into their craft. This is why the community is no tight-knit, because fellow artists understand and respect what it takes to capture a truely jaw-dropping moments. This is why I feel so emotionally attached to every image I display on my portfolio. Passion and energy is what drives an artist.

Do you offer portrait or wedding services?

Yes! Although landscape photography is my speciality, I have shot multiple portrait sessions and run a healthy wedding photography service with my business partner Danielle Giroux. You can view some of our works on her website.

Can I shoot with or assist you?

Absolutely - I am always open to meeting cool and likeminded people! Just send me a message via one of my socials or my contact form. I am mainly based out of Toronto Canada however I may be travelling, so it may take me some time to get back to you. Don't worry I read all my emails and will get back to you - usually within 24-48 hours.

Do you sell prints?

Yes I do! Check out the shop section.

I want a specific size / picture not listed in your shop?

If you want a specific size or see something on my instagram but not in the shop - just send me a message and I will create a custom order for you!

What gear and equipement do you use?

I shoot with the Canon DSLR system. I say mainly beacuse I tend to cross over to the sony mirrorless systems at times. I have shot with numerous cameras and respective lenses including Canon, Nikon, and Sony in the past years. I typically use the Canon 5D Mark III for about 85% of my work. It is what I take with me to my professional shoots. The camera is extremely well built and rugged enough to be in any rough landscape and weather condition. Additionally I love the extended battery life of a grip and appreciate the safety of shooting to two different cards at the same time. Also the lens selection and quality in my personal opinion is the best amongst all the brands out there. When I want something lighter - I usually grab my Sony A6000. It is extremely versatile, and has a wide range of auto focus points. It's my go to camera when I'm hiking, climbing or anytime whne I am weight conscious. My full list of gear: CAMERAS: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70D, Sony A6000 LENSES FOR THE MKIII: Canon 24-70MM L 2.8, Canon 70-200MM L 2.8, Canon 100M Macro 2.8, Sigma 50MM Art 1.8, Sigma 35MM Art 1.8 OTHER GEAR: DJI Mavic Pro, Peak Design 30L everday backpack